Non-Toxic Beauty for Today's Conscientious Expectant and Nursing Moms.

Behind the Brand

Stork Beauty was founded by a family of professional makeup artists and estheticians whose commitment to promoting organic, natural and non-toxic beauty dates back to 2003.

Andrea, Ashley and Anna Lauren spent years seeking out and testing many different organic/non-toxic makeup brands. The top performing products made it into their professional makeup kits. Being early advocates for organic beauty, they eventually became organic beauty consultants for many of the actors, performers and models they worked with on-set.

In 2012 the trio, in consultation with a naturopathic doctor and a dermatologist, began work with select manufacturers to develop a high performance non-toxic professional-only makeup line. After two years of evolving the line, Andrea’s pregnancy in 2014 inspired the Laurens to make their non-toxic makeup line available to pregnant women and nursing moms. Stork Beauty was born out of a desire to empower pregnant women with affordable, baby-safe beauty.

Why Pregnancy Safe Non-GMO

The Laurens are on a mission to raise awareness that pregnant women and nursing moms need to be concerned with the makeup they use daily. Studies continue to be conducted to determine the percentage of toxins that get absorbed through dermal absorption and oral ingestion of makeup and lipstick. With the average beauty routine including more than ten products, it is wise to ensure that what gets absorbed and ingested is safe.

The Laurens are championing a movement to raise awareness for pregnant and nursing moms to consider the impact their personal care products and cosmetics may have on their baby. Recently, reports have been surfacing indicating that a mother’s exposure to chemicals found in beauty products may have an impact on her developing fetus. What is even more disturbing is that the exposure may have long-lasting effects on a child’s development.

Stork Beauty was developed without any toxins or potentially harmful ingredients. Stork Beauty products are Cruelty Free,Gluten Free, Non-GMO and without phthalates, FD&C dyes, bismuth chloride, parabens, talc, SLS, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, DEA, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, and synthetic fragrances. All Stork Beauty products, except those containing bees wax, are Vegan. Stork Beauty products are also fortified with ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.



One of the major obstacles to expectant and nursing moms converting to the use of organic, natural and nontoxic makeup has traditionally been the prohibitive costs. One of the primary goals in developing the Stork Beauty line was to make it affordable to the average mom. Not wanting to compromise in any way on the products themselves, the Laurens concentrated their efforts on developing the product line and not on elaborate packaging. Their efforts were successful.

The entire Stork Beauty line delivers products that perform to the rigid standards of the Laurens as professional makeup artists and the simple packaging and the viral and word-of-mouth promotions keep the prices affordable.

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