Living Dairy Free September 8, 2015 12:46

I have been blessed that for the majority of my life I have not had to worry about the things that I eat. That is until I started breastfeeding. When Ani first came along she was so fussy. I could tell she was in pain but I didn’t know why. My pediatrician suspected Ani had food sensitivities. After doing some research and elimination testing, I realized that she was sensitive to dairy, peanuts and chocolate. I will be honest; this was a BIG bummer for me as I LOVE all of these things. I am accustomed to watching what I eat because I committed to eating only organic and non-GMO while I was pregnant and even now while I am nursing. It has been a new venture for me to try to eliminate these three things though. Now I am constantly looking at the back of labels to make sure that they don’t include dairy or peanuts. I was amazed at the things that have dairy in them! I have had to eliminate my favorite treats; muffins, cookies, ice cream, yogurt and cheese. Luckily for me though I have been able to find replacements for all of these things.

Through the process of elimination and substitution, I discovered Ani is super sensitive to soy products as well. I have added that to my list of foods I must avoid. It is all worth it though because Ani is a whole new baby! The biggest difference occurred when I stopped all dairy. Ani’s discomfort stopped and she began to feel good for the first time. She started to smile, and giggle. She was way more content and wasn’t always fussy. She was able to be a normal baby!

Some of my favorite dairy-free items I have found are the Rice Dream Mint Carob Chip ice cream. Carob is a great alternative to chocolate for all of you chocolate lovers out there. I have substituted almond butter for peanut butter. Almonds are actually supposed to increase milk supply so that is a bonus! I also love Rice Dream’s vanilla rice milk. This still has a lot of vitamins and tastes great as well. Changing my diet hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. Seeing the difference it has made in Ani though has made the transition easier though. A happy baby makes for a happy mommy! ☺

My Unexpected Favorite Baby Gift July 30, 2015 15:04

As a first-time mom-to-be, I was fortunate to have had family and friends throw a few baby showers for me. I received so many wonderful and much needed and much appreciated items.  Out of all of the gifts I received, one surprised me the most.  It was a Bearington Baby Patches Giraffe Belly Blanket with “Ani” embroidered on it.   When I opened the gift I thought it was adorable and soft and plush, but I had no idea how much I would love it once Ani made her arrival. 

When Ani was first born she was very fussy and it was hard to get her to sleep.  We tried so many different things; swaddling her with arms in, swaddling her with arms out, not swaddling at all, sleeping on her back, sleeping on her belly, sleeping on her side, rocking her back and forth, and yes even sleeping on my chest.  When you’re a new mom you will do anything to get some rest. 

Then one day “Grandma” was helping us during one of Ani’s crying spells. She decided to sit and lay the giraffe blanket across her lap and then place Ani on her tummy across the blanket.  It made the world of difference!  She was instantly calmed and her tummy did not seem to hurt anymore.  She easily fell asleep. We had finally found the trick!

We placed the giraffe belly blanket in her bassinet.  We made sure it was tucked tightly over the mattress so that it did not create a smothering issue. Ani fell in love with the giraffe’s plush softness and would easily sleep on her giraffe blanket.  Before we discovered the magic of “Patches” in the bassinet, Ani would wake up often. I am pretty sure she was waking up because she was not comfortable.  The giraffe belly blanket has made such a big difference in Ani’s ability to sleep comfortably. Her momma has been able to get some much needed rest as well! 

Ani is ten weeks old now and continues to sleep well with her giraffe blanket. The Bearington Baby Patches Giraffe Belly blanket is my unexpected favorite gift. It has allowed me to feel sane again and get some much needed sleep! 

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